Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where did the city go?

I was sitting here thinking about how funny it is to have been such a city girl and now living in a small town, that at first reminds you of something off of Little House On The Prairie. When I first moved froom California, to South Dakota, I realized, I had stepped back in time, and life had slowed to a crawl. I figured that I would never be happy again, and my concept of life there was so out of proportion, I thought Native Americans on the reservations, still lived in teepees!
I was so wrong, I found a joy of life that "city life" could have never brought me, and though I hounded my husband forever to go back o Califonia, now I see that a visit, is the only life left there for me.
It is in this small area, that I birthed my children, it is where I got married, and of course it was a first for many other things! I always say that the air is fresh, and the prairies roll here, it is nothng to hear my children say, " Mommy there is another herd of Buffalo, or look at those deer", something that city life had to offer only in a zoo!
This last Summer of 2005, my husband decided to take us to Wyoming to see where he had grown up, I was not excited at all, I wanted to get along and move onto Denver Co, and go to the Malls, and the Mile High Stadium, and I had NO interest in going to "Hickville", well I was wrong! We did see all of the sites Wyoming had to offer, and we did move onto Co, but in the end, for months after our vacation, all I could think about was the Marina, that we had breakfast at, or my husbands childhood homes. It came to be soon after that vacation, I realized i was yearning to return to that kind of lifestyle, and we were faced with the obligation of moving, well needless to say, I'm here in Wyoming, with my wonderful husband, and our beautiful children, living the "small life". I have never been happier, though there are times when I say I hate it, and there are times I get homesick, in the end I know I'm doing something alot of people would never do, my husband and I are forsaking the "glamour and glitz" of big city living, and the big city money, and we are giving our children something, money could never buy, a childhood....................the kind that, one warm summer when they are going on vacation, they can stop through and say, this is where I lived, and this is where I played, just as my husband did for us, he woke us up and taught us a wonderful thing.....................Family and Memories, it is the most special bond you can have, and the country living, makes it that much sweeter!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why Do Girls Try So Hard?

I guess I never got the concept of, "When you quit looking for love you'll find it", until about (4) four years ago.
I had been in a bad relashionship for a while, and when that finally came to an end, I started looking for someone to fill that void in my life. I guess you could say I was looking for love in all the wrong places!
When my search had finally come to an end, and i had decided to give up completly on love and happiness, my friend, (at the time) decided we should go to a local bar for some drinks and some goofy Karaokee.....(which I love)! As I walked into the bar, I heard the most angelic voice of a man singing, and I made the comment to my friend that he had a very nice voice, and decided to leave it at that, (I surley was not going to try to catch a man in a bar)! So I decided to try to meet the gentleman, and was smitten with him, but like always I listened to the old addage, that you should never pick your husband, boyfriend, etc...... from a bar.
As time went by and the heart grew fonder, I fell in love with this man, he brouht out something in me I had felt had died many years before. A little over a month from the day we met, I must say, we were married in a beautiful ceremony, and my husband has been the greatese father "daddy" to our kids.
You see what I'm getting at here is not the fact that you should jump right into a relashionship, or jump right into a marriage for that matter, all I'm saying is, take it from someone who has been there, STOP letting your friends, family or whomever make your decisions for you. In fact follow your heart, it sounds old fashion but it is true........when I quit looking for love, I found it, I did go for the man in the bar, he was there for all the same reasons as I was, just to unwind, make friends, and quit "looking for the one"!
It is when we follow the greatest device GOD gave us, that great things can happen.
Ladies, don't spend the rest of your lives playing the what if game with yourself, quit trying to justify, the why's and why not's, and just allow yourself to get swept off your feet.